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S+SWLAB is a brand of dietary supplements, firmly rooted in holistic beauty and nutricosmetics.

Our vision is to write the beauty of tomorrow by focusing on well-being with mindfulness, health, alternative medicine, and responsible consumption.

The values driving the brand are simplicity, transparency, effectiveness, and commitment. These values define the identity of S+SWLAB. Every stage of creation, development, and marketing is filtered through these values. We place great importance on each step, and every detail matters to best meet your expectations.

The brand was created by passionate experts with complementary expertise!

Sandrine, Stanislas, and Jacques. We are three enthusiasts of innovation, nutricosmetics, and particularly alternative medicine. We've been working in the realms of beauty, distribution, creating and manufacturing brands and products in France and internationally for over 30 years. A trio with complementary passions and expertise.

Portrait of our trio:

Sandrine, French, a graduate of the French Institute of Fashion & FIT in New York, worked at Galeries Lafayette for over twenty years in buying management, then at Marionnaud overseeing buying, private labels, and visual identity, and finally at Monoprix leading the Beauty department and new concepts.
Her passions: brand creation, brand narratives and iconography, alternative medicines, cooking, travel, and family!

Stanislas, Franco-British, a graduate of ESCP, built his career in the mobile phone industry, focusing on developing and marketing American concepts internationally.
His passions: history, intercultural relations, tennis, travel, and family!

Jacques, American, graduated from McGill Montreal and has always had an entrepreneurial spirit worldwide. He developed cosmetic brands in the United States and contributed to the development and manufacturing of many globally recognized brands.
His passions: innovation, creating value, travel, animals, Japan, and family!

Unknowingly, this project was born during a friendly lunch in November 2021.
Our friendship, expertise, differences, emotions & values were the foundation of this new adventure

S+SWLAB was born from a desire to undertake, work differently & put our values, emotions and network at the heart of our daily professional life.
As for each of us, the covid period has brought about multiple reflections on our choices, our life & our future, that of our families & our society.
A desire to personally contribute to the evolution of holistic beauty, nutricosmetics, and to offer healthy, simple, effective, natural, different products that take care of our planet and respond to wellness trends with a conscience.

Post-pandemic, we have seen the emergence of a trend centred on the relationship between external appearance and internal well-being: an internal balance that is reflected on the outside. Beauty is becoming a hybrid between several sectors, skincare, food, dietary supplements, even meditation, for better physical and mental health. This is our vision of holistic beauty today.

It is a new generation of beauty products that works from the inside, to improve the outside appearance, "beauty in & out". They influence different parts of our body, such as skin, hair, nails, energy, sleep... The term comes from the contraction of "nutrition & cosmetics".

You'll love our gummies for their smooth texture and great taste, with their "fruit paste-like", undoubtedly regressive appearance... They make the consumption of food supplements less restrictive and more fun. They improve compliance with treatment and, in this sense, allow results to be seen. They combine pleasure and effectiveness.
They are nomadic, no need for water to swallow them! They are practical and can be taken everywhere!
They contribute not only to health, but also to beauty.

The daily dose is two gummies.
Be careful, they are delicious so don't exceed the recommended dose!

For sleep, ideally 30 minutes before bedtime.
If you are travelling, to reduce the effects of jet lag:
If you are travelling east: in the late afternoon (around 6pm) for 3 or 4 days before departure, to advance the melatonin peak. Continue to take 2 gummies a day at bedtime for 3 or 4 days after arrival or for the duration of your stay if necessary.
If you are travelling west: no need to take melatonin before departure. You will need to take 2 gummies for 5 to 7 days to delay the evening physiological peak.

For boost & dynamic brain, first thing in the morning to start the day with maximum energy and tone!
For the other treatments, you can take them at any time of the day!

Yes you can combine several treatments!
However, we advise you not to exceed 3 treatments in the same period.
The ideal is to program your treatments according to the seasons & specific needs at certain periods.

We are not equal when it comes to supplements.
Why do we need supplements? The evolution of our eating habits, the generalisation of "junk food", the generalisation of latent and continuous stress, the depletion of our soils in essential nutrients... All this contributes to the fact that deficiencies appear and that it is more and more difficult to find a complete diet without supplementing...
Scientifically, the duration of supplementation will depend on the individual. It is generally agreed that 21 days of treatment are needed to cover more than 70% of the population.
For example, all the metabolisms, linked to Melatonin as well as magnesium, will start to function in harmony after 2 to 3 weeks.

We have deliberately chosen not to use refined or artificial sugar. Our sugar is organic.
2 gummies contain on average 2g of sugar which is equivalent to a slice of melon! A little pleasure without constraint! Zero guilt with only a few calories for 2 gummies!
Zero guilt with only a few calories for 2 gummies!

Our Gummies are 100% vegan!
Without any ingredients from the animal breeding industry. No pork or fish gelatin!

None of our products contain lactose, so people with lactose intolerance can follow all our treatments without any risk.

No! We have chosen to formulate our gummies to be 100% vegan.

All our formulas are gluten free! We accompany people with allergies and we don't want to deprive them of discovering all our treatments!

Our flavours are all of natural organic.
No compromise with the good taste of the fruit!

97% of the ingredients in our gummies are of natural origin! No intrusive elements.
Each formula has the right dosage for effective results. So don't hesitate!

None of the formulas contain any allergens. You are free to discover them all!

Our formulas are as effective for women as it is for men! They are also suitable for all skin types, hair types etc... We have decided to be inclusive!
However, we advise not to start our treatments before 16 years old.

Our gummies have a shelf life of 2 years and should be stored at room temperature in a clean and dry place. Our packaging is opaque for a better conservation.

All our products are totally vegan, our gummies are free of any animal gelatine, so it is perfectly possible to follow any of our treatments while being vegetarian or vegan.

Yes, some ingredients are contraindicated for certain diseases. You can refer to each product description in the "advice for use and contraindications" tab.

We do not yet have a specific product range for children, however, most of our treatments can be used from the age of 16.
The specific dosage is indicated in the "Use" tab on the pages describing each product.

All our products are developed in-house!
Alejandra, our R&D manager, chemical engineer & nutritionist and Gilles, Doctor of Pharmacy and food supplement specialist for over 25 years, research and source innovative ingredients, read scientific articles on their effectiveness and exchange with our partners to find the best ingredients and dosages.
Their priority? To offer you formulas that combine naturalness, effectiveness and pleasure, for maximum results.
Moreover, all our formulas and labels are registered and validated by the DGCCRF.

We choose our ingredients according to two main criteria:
Their effectiveness: our R&D manager, Alejandra, bases her choice on scientific studies in order to estimate which active ingredients are the most effective for each problem. The compatibility and synergy between each chosen active ingredient is carefully studied in order to boost their effects as much as possible.
Their naturality: we work actively to promote the naturality of the chosen ingredients as much as possible. We always make sure that this criteria does not impact the stability and quality of the active ingredients (especially vitamins and minerals). But some ingredients or active ingredients cannot be natural, such as melatonin for example.
Alejandra also works with Gilles on a daily basis, our Doctor of Pharmacy, a recognised specialist in food supplements.

Our approach to quality and safety begins with the development of the formulas: we naturally choose only active ingredients authorised by European regulations (in particular the European directive 2002/46/CE), and we ensure that the dosages do not present any risk, while providing maximum effectiveness.
Once the formulas have been developed, Gilles, Doctor of Pharmacy & expert in food supplements, challenges the ingredients and dosages with Alejandra, our Research & Development specialist. We make sure that we have the exact dosages that correspond to the French and European legislation
The last step: we submit all our formulas to the DGCCRF to obtain validation for their marketing.
No compromise on the quality of our gummies!

During the development of our products, Alejandra, our research and development manager, carries out an extensive study of scientific articles and clinical studies in order to select the best ingredients and the most effective dosage, and she also studies the synergies between the active ingredients in order to propose the most effective complexes possible.

Our treatments are designed and developed in France and then manufactured in Florida in a state-of-the-art laboratory.
The gummies are then produced with a new sophisticated machine that was installed in August 2022.
This production unit is at the cutting edge of engineering and its manufacturing process allows our gummies to be designed, dried and packaged without any alteration and without manupulation. This is a guarantee of high quality that we value.

Yes, we avoid all polluting waste!
Our packaging is made from sugar cane and is 100% recyclable. Moreover, its opacity protects our gummies from the light for a better conservation.
Our packages and all the contents provided as a bonus in the orders are made of recyclable paper or cardboard to minimize the impact of our shipments.
We always use the smallest amount of material possible to avoid overproduction, and are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our impact in terms of waste.

Without GMOs or controversial substances, you can safely enjoy our gummies!
French legislation on GMOs is strict.
However, we import ingredients from other countries, which do not always have the same rules: our suppliers check all ingredients to ensure that they do not contain GMOs.

Yes, our eight cures are all Halal and are certified in Washington.

Our cures contain a little sugar.
We recommend that you speak with a healthcare professional.
All our packs indicate the sugar dosage for taking 2 gummies. You can therefore share it with your healthcare professional to find out if our treatments are suitable for your pathology.

The texture of gummies, in its formulation, requires a bit of sugar or sweetener.

We chose to opt for organic sugar because Maltitol (its code, E965), which could replace sugar, can have side effects.

According to EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), the use of Maltitol is authorized in France. However, excessive consumption of Maltitol can cause laxative effects, gas, bloating, and intestinal transit problems.
EFSA is currently re-evaluating the safety of Maltitol and all polyols.
Source: Health Passport "Nutrition"

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Please note, orders placed on Friday after 1 p.m. will be shipped the following Monday.
If you order on Friday morning, you will receive your package the following Monday at the earliest.
For orders outside mainland France, delivery times are 5 to 7 working days.
Your order is shipped the same day for any order placed before 1 p.m.

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We deliver to you worldwide!
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• For subscriptions: how is it possible to deliver??

Excellent news ! We deliver all over the world.
Receive your favorite gummies wherever you are!

Taxes and customs fees may apply to your orders (Outside EU and DOM-TOM).
They are not included in the order total and must be paid at your expense upon delivery of the order.

Track your package at any time using your tracking number which you will find in the shipping confirmation email for your package.
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If your order is still being prepared, it is still possible to cancel it.
To do this, write to as soon as possible so that we can take care of it on time!
Don't panic, however: orders are delivered to La Poste around 2 p.m. If you contact us the evening the order is placed or the next morning, we can cancel it without problem.

It happens that a package is declared delivered on the La Poste website before you have received it. In this case, here is the procedure to follow:
Wait 2 to 3 working days after delivery is announced.
Check with your neighbors or your guardian if no one has collected the package for you!
If after these checks you still have not found your package, write to us at we will send it to a relay point so that you can enjoy your order!

If you received a damaged product, email us at
Please attach a photo of the damaged product.
We will do what is necessary so that you can enjoy your order.

Yes ! You can delete your subscription with one click on our site.

Yes !
You can delete your subscription in one click on our site and switch to a new subscription in one click too! Do not hesitate to change your treatments according to your needs.